Wood-Dale, also known as The McKenzie House, is located at 35 Cross Street in Dundas, Ontario. It is the Regency cottage of Lt.Col. Thomas Howard McKenzie, built in 1846. Born in Scotland about 1811, McKenzie was one of the biggest merchants in Dundas, buying and selling pork by the hundreds of tons. His sales exceeded $1 million in his best year. He commanded a company in the 1837 Rebellion and was later Lt. Col. in the Wentworth Regiment. He was Mayor from 1859 to 1861.

Heritage Brick and Stone restored the stonework at the base of the front porch. The stonework had been crudely patched over the years and top layers were taken off to install the new porch as it looks today. We sourced local stone to relay the missing stones along the top, we removed the surface layer of lime mortar, and we pointed in all new surface joints tooled by hand to reveal and show off the original craftsmanship of the stonework.

Prior to restoration:

35 Cross Before Left Side 35 Cross Before Right Side


After restoration by Heritage Brick and Stone:

35 Cross Left Side
 35 Cross Right Side


35 Cross