Most often, the masonry chimney is the focal point or highlight of your heritage home. Many years ago, masons would display their skill with unique crown designs throughout the neighbourhoods they worked on. This is why many chimneys in the same neighbourhood will have similar designs. Chimneys also take the most abuse and wear compared to the rest of the masonry on a home or building, as they often are the most exposed to weather and neglect. Water absorption is the most common cause of deterioration in chimneys. Winters in our climate have many freeze/thaw cycles; so without proper maintenance, and if your chimney is absorbing water, damage will eventually occur.

When we restore or rebuild your chimneys, we install proper step and counter flashings at the roofline to prevent water penetration, a proper airspace between the flue and exterior to give the chimney the opportunity to maintain airflow and dry out, and a properly sealed crown that will also prevent future water penetration. We build our chimneys with tried and proven materials to ensure long-life and with a look to emphasize the beauty of your home.