Masonry fireplaces have stood as the centrepiece of a room or home for centuries. People naturally gravitate toward a fireplace as its timeless look and feel have remained constant throughout history. This is where we, and many other masons, take pride in their craftsmanship. As well as creating the ambience of a room by the crackle of burning wood or the peaceful atmosphere it conveys, they also may serve the purpose of supplementing heat.

Without proper maintenance or care, they can be very dangerous. Creosote buildup and improper airflow can create smoke in the house, inside walls, or chimney fires. We offer a full range of services from maintenance to repair to rebuilding of all masonry fireplaces. We also work closely with homeowners to design and build new masonry fireplaces to achieve the look and use you prefer. Our fireplaces are expertly crafted to ensure that not only the building codes are met, and exceeded, but that your home and loved ones are comfortable and safe.