Brick and Stone Masonry

Brick and Stone Masonry and Repointing

Professionals in Brick and Stone Repointing

We maintain the integrity of historic masonry and brick and stone repointing through proper maintenance.

Our craftsmen take a conservation approach to every project, and look at a number of factors to determine the best solution. The age of the building, the type of materials and techniques used, the environment, and the location are all important aspects for every job.

Structural masonry restoration

The Art of Brick and Stone Repair

Improper repointing can wreak havoc on a building and typically expedite deterioration. It’s important to make sure the masons you work with are trained in traditional techniques and materials so the job is done right, the first time.

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Building Assessment

The first step in any restoration project is to assess the building and determine the source of the problem, as well as the original materials used.

Next, we provide you with a proper scope of work to restore or create the solution you're looking for.

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The Masonry Restoration Process

The Masonry Repointing Process 

Our team of experts meticulously remove the original mortar to the correct depth using a combination of hand tools and specialized equipment.

We point in the new mortar in layers by hand, using century-old techniques. We then tool it to match the original style and appearance of the existing masonry.

It is a very thorough process, and one we take pride in. The finished product will restore the grandeur of original construction and maintain the design and performance of the building.

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Brick and stone masonry and repointing

Insurance Masonry Restoration

Our team is ready when you need it most. We’re specially trained and know what you need to help your client restore their building or property.

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Chimney masonry repair

Chimney Repair

Preventing water penetration and maintaining airflow are key in restoring chimney masonry.

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Fireplace repair

Fireplace repair

The look of your fireplace says a lot about your home. We have the training to not only repair fireplace masonry, but keep your home safe from creosote buildup and improper airflow.

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Structural restoration

Structural restoration

Why trust anyone but an expert in structural masonry restoration? Our team repairs the existing structure while maintaining the aesthetic.

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Whether you are an insurance professional, project manager, or building owner, the first step is to provide you with a proper scope of work. If you’re looking for high quality, efficient, cost-effective masonry rehabilitation, get an estimate today.

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