Masonry Services

Masonry Services

Heritage Brick and Stone Inc. specializes in masonry restoration for the insurance industry. Our experienced team of Red Seal Certified Brick and Stone Masons are meticulous and trained in traditional materials and techniques.

Insurance masonry restoration

Insurance Masonry Restoration

When dealing with property damage, don’t trust anyone but an expert in masonry restoration. We have been in service since 1998 and our expert team of fully licensed, fully insured Red Seal certified and WETT certified inspectors are ready 7 seven days a week.

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Brick and Stone Masonry 

We maintain the integrity of historic masonry and stonework through proper maintenance.

Our craftsmen take a conservation approach to every project, and look at a number of factors to determine the best solution. The age of the building, the type of materials and techniques used, the environment, and the location are all important aspects for every job.

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Brick and Stone Masonry and Repointing
  • Like many houses near the escarpment in old Dundas, our front verandah was supported by wooden columns on brick pillars. After 115 years the pillars had settled off their footings and as a result the columns were tilted in 3 different directions. Heritage Brick did a marvelous job preserving and reusing the original blocks, and restored the columns in perfect alignment. Many thanks for meticulous design and workmanship throughout the project.
    - Chris and Penny
Chimney masonry repair

Chimney Restoration

Chimneys are often the highlight of a heritage home. They are also the most exposed to weather.

Our experienced team is certified to restore not only the aesthetic beauty of your home’s chimney, but also its structural integrity.

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Fireplace Restoration

Because of their prominence in a home, masonry fireplace design is a particular point of pride for masons and craftsmen.

However, fireplaces can also be very dangerous. Fireplace repair and maintenance is important, not just for aesthetic feel, but for safety as well.

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Fireplace Repair
Structural Restoration

Structural Restoration

We specialize in the conservation of heritage buildings. Over time, environmental factors and neglect can compromise the structure of a building.

In heritage buildings, repairing and maintaining structure while conserving the original aesthetic and beauty of the masonry is a delicate balance.

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Whether you are an insurance adjuster, project manager, or homeowner, the first step is to understand where the problem lies. If you’re looking for high quality, efficient, cost-effective masonry rehabilitation, get an estimate today.

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